President Obama announced initiatives designed to reverse the increase in the use of opioids and opioid-related deaths across the country at the National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta on March 29.The alarming statistics about the use of opioids, both legal (such as painkillers) and illegal (such as heroin), in the United States have been making headlines for years. But with the opioid epidemic pushing further out of urban areas and causing more deaths than ever (opioid-related deaths have quadrupled since 1999), government officials have started to take a stand.President Obama spoke about a desire to focus on opioid addiction as a public health crises, rather than a criminal one. By making mental health and substance abuse treatment more accessible, requiring more education about opioids and addiction for healthcare professionals, and by further developing medication-assisted treatment – through drugs like Vivitrol and Suboxone – the Obama administration hopes to prevent the continued growth of the opioid epidemic.

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