For many people, residential treatment can provide a structure that may have been absent from their lives for years. At Silvermist, our days are full with scheduled periods of meditation, therapy, recreation, and relaxation. This allows clients in our program to keep their minds and bodies busy while they work towards sobriety and recovery.However, once clients leave treatment, they may lose some of that structure. Life can be irregular and it can be difficult or even impossible to live each day predictably. In some cases, returning to the same lifestyle or habits or having too much free time after a person leaves treatment can lead to an increased likelihood of relapse. Being around old friends who use or feeling bored may be enough to cause a person to turn back to their substance of choice.

Silvermist recognizes the importance of aftercare and encourages our clients to find pursuits that they are passionate about to fill their time and enrich their lives after they leave treatment. Here are five suggested activities or hobbies that can help you find purpose in your recovery.

Meditation & Yoga
Many people find meditation and yoga extremely beneficial in recovery. Both activities lead to an increased mindfulness and provide a daily opportunity for quiet thought and reflection. Yoga also pushes physical limitations in a way that can help a person build confidence, and provides an outlet for individuals to explore their spirituality. Click here for our recent blog post about the benefits of yoga!

Whether it’s running, hiking, cycling, or boxing, exercise can lead to a healthier body and a healthier mind. Individuals who feel stressed out or anxious may find that daily exercise can relieve some of these emotions, and people who suffer from insomnia may find that exercise makes it easier for them to sleep at night.

Healthy Eating
Like exercising, eating well can lead to a healthier body and a healthier mind. Focusing on eating the right foods and providing your body with the proper nutrients can also serve as a reminder to avoid putting negative things in your body, like drugs and alcohol. People with good eating habits report higher energy levels and a better ability to handle stress and illness.

Volunteering & Community Involvement
Volunteering and working side-by-side with other community members can help promote a sense of belonging and purpose. Many people who struggle with addiction may feel like they lack a support system or connection with those around them. By becoming actively and positively involved in your neighborhood, you can truly make a difference and see the impact of your actions on a daily basis.

Continuing or beginning to pursue an education on a subject you’re passionate about can keep your mind active and provide you with the opportunity to fulfill small responsibilities, such as completing an assignment or attending class. Building your knowledge base can also open up employment opportunities, and interacting with other students or instructors with similar interests may provide networking opportunities.

To read more about Silvermist’s residential treatment program, click here. You can find more details about our aftercare planning process here.

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