A new study by Recovery Brands indicates that individuals who need addiction treatment may not know what constitutes a good treatment experience until it’s too late.The study revealed a discrepancy between what treatment factors patients anticipated would be most important, and what factors they determined were most important post-care. Facility offerings, which included sub-categories like amenities, food, group counseling, individual therapies, and recreational activities, proved to have the largest gap, with patients underestimating the importance of that factor by nearly a third.

Other treatment factors examined included organizational status, staff, residential policies, financial policies, and audio/visual features.

This perception gap may lead to individuals choosing treatment facilities that aren’t the best fit for them. However, with little standardization among treatment centers, it can sometimes be difficult to compare options and look deeper into the offerings of each facility.

It’s important that treatment facilities are transparent about their offerings and what day-to-day life is like for clients in their care. Otherwise, prospective clients lose the ability to make an educated, well-rounded decision. If patients are uncomfortable in a facility, or if the treatment factors don’t fulfill their expectations, clients may experience more difficulty with participating in activities or learning the coping tools designed to help them post-treatment.

We share our daily treatment schedule online, along with details about our residential program and partial hospitalization program. Prospective clients can also learn more about the amenities we offer and our exceptional clinical and professional staff members, or you can check out our recent blog post on three things to expect once you begin treatment with Silvermist.

At Silvermist, we focus on providing individualized care, starting with a free, confidential assessment designed to determine whether Silvermist is the right facility for you. There is no commitment required to receive this assessment or speak with an admissions specialist, and we encourage you to ask any questions throughout the admissions process. Our admissions specialists are available at (724) 268-4858.

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