Long-term drug or alcohol use can draw a person further and further from their true identity. Their addiction becomes a crutch that allows them to move through day-to-day events without facing the anxieties of reality—or so it may seem. Addiction brings with it a new set of anxieties, and above all, a crushing physical and emotional need for the individual’s substance of choice.One of the biggest benefits of treatment is an opportunity to step outside of your addiction and truly find yourself again. Confronting who you are as a person can be terrifying and intimidating, especially if you have spent years using drugs or alcohol. You may feel like that person no longer even exists. However, removing mind-altering substances from your life and your body—through medically supervised detoxification, if possible—provides a blank slate and allows you to begin treatment with a clear mind and body.

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In addition to traditional addiction treatment methods such as therapy and counseling, Silvermist offers holistic therapeutic methods that allow individuals to find genuine peace and passion. Whether it’s through art, meditation, yoga or journaling, we encourage each individual client to find what makes them happy outside of their addiction and pursue it.

Focusing on healthy habits and activities can put a person in a positive mindset, which allows them to be more successful both during and after treatment by giving them an outlet and identity that isn’t related to substance use and the negativity or struggles of their life before recovery.

That identity—as an artist, yogi or musician, for example—was always there, whether it stems from a rekindled passion awakened in treatment or a discovery of a love for something new. However, in order to find it, it’s necessary to stop using mind-altering substances and embrace the sometimes painful, but always rewarding, clarity of finding our true selves.