When you’re young and just entering the adult stage of your life, you likely to approach the dating world with much excitement and anticipation. However, if you’re coming out of addiction treatment, it’s often best to proceed with caution when it comes to pursuing new or existing relationships.

In order to properly balance a dating life while in recovery, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Dating and Addiction Recovery

Take It Slow

Oftentimes, it’s advised that someone in recovery focuses on their own personal growth and waits to date until they reach the one-year mark of sobriety. However, if you find that you truly want to date before you’ve hit this milestone, it’s best to take things slow and only reach new stages of your relationship when you feel comfortable.

Set Boundaries

When dating while in recovery, it’s important to set and maintain boundaries and live your own life — your well-being comes first. Have a life separate from your significant other, one with your own interests and hobbies, and set boundaries that leave room for the development of a healthy relationship.

Communicate Honestly

While there are going to be bumps in any relationship, sometimes the stereotypes associated with addiction have the potential to create their own set of issues in your romantic partnership. From the very beginning, be honest with your partner so you can build a trusting and strong foundation for the future.

Don’t Become Addicted to Your Partner

Being in love can make you feel wonderful, but don’t become dependent on the feelings your relationship gives you to provide those which substances once did. Doing so can cause you to focus more on your relationship (in an unhealthy way) than your sobriety, hindering your recovery process.

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