After being discharged from your drug addiction or alcohol addiction treatment program, the people you surround yourself with will be some of the most influential factors when it comes to the success of your recovery. Just as keeping good company in the form of supportive loved ones and rebuilding relationships will help you on your journey, maintaining contact with negative influences can have the opposite effect.

Because of this, there are certain types of people you should avoid being around during your addiction recovery.

People to Distance Yourself from in Recovery

Those Who Supplied You

It should go without saying that, when you’re trying to maintain sobriety after addiction treatment, you shouldn’t be around anyone who supplies you with drugs or alcohol. This can be a dealer, a friend who gives you their own purchased or prescribed drugs, or those who bring you around copious amounts of alcohol — to name a few.

Those Who Encourage You to Use

In some cases, those whom you used to spend time with may think it’s alright for you to still drink or use drugs, not understanding that this will inhibit your recovery. They may try to downplay the severity of using again by saying things like “one more time won’t hurt” or “it’s only a little bit.” But anyone who encourages you to still drink or use drugs is not someone you should still have around.

Those Who Don’t Support Your Recovery

Sometimes, there will be those in your life who, for one reason or another, don’t offer you the support you need throughout your recovery. Whether this means they don’t understand or accept the steps you need to take to get better or they don’t offer to alter some of their own behaviors to help you avoid temptation, these are people to distance yourself from as you continue your journey to recovery and wellness.

At Silvermist Recovery Center, our philosophy is that every young adult suffering with a substance use disorder is capable of revitalization, persistent change, and autonomy in adulthood when given the tools and support to thrive.

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