How Social Drinking Can Lead to Addiction

From boozy brunches to nights out on the town, it may seem as if a large portion of young adults incorporate drinking into their social calendars. While having a few alcoholic beverages here and there is typically fine, in some cases social drinking can spiral into alcohol addiction.

In order to avoid sliding down that dangerous slope, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of dangerous drinking.

Types of Drinkers

Typically, certain general categories can apply to the types of drinking done by young adults. These tend to be:

  • Social Drinking: A person consumes a few drinks, safely, in social settings.

  • Binge Drinking: A person consumes several drinks in a short amount of time. Typically, this means five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women over a two hour time period.

  • Problem Drinking: A person regularly binge drinks and often frequently experiences the negative consequences of drinking too much.

  • Drinking Addiction: A person is no longer able to control how much they drink or when they drink, often leaving them unable to lead a fully-functioning life.

Since these are general categories, it’s important to note that young adults can “move” between them easily.

Signs to Watch For

How Often Someone Drinks

It’s not entirely uncommon for young adults to have rare nights when they overindulge and experience the consequences of heavy drinking. However, if a young adult is frequently binge drinking, blacking out, or experiencing other negative consequences, their social drinking likely has evolved into an addiction.

If They Are Able to Control Their Drinking or Not

A main factor that signals that a person is no longer drinking socially, but rather as a result of addiction, is their inability to control when and how much they drink. If you find that a friend or loved one is having a large number of drinks when they’re out or drinking when no one else is, they may no longer have control of their habit and struggle with alcohol abuse.

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