Summer is typically the time of year when young adults take advantage of their time off from school and “summer Fridays” at work to let loose and have some fun. Oftentimes, that can include frequent happy hours, Saturday nights out on the town, or a Sunday brunch with friends.

However, when you’re recovering from alcohol or drug addiction, summer may present more temptation to break your sobriety. To stay on the right path, here are a few tips to help manage your cravings in summer.

How to Avoid Substance Temptation in Summer

Limit Social Events

While staying home and away from big events is relatively easy during this time in our society, even family gatherings or a small outdoor brunch with friends can boast copious amounts of alcohol and potentially even some recreational drugs.

If you find that attending social events proves to be too tempting, take a break and decline a few invitations in order to regain a better sense of control and stability.

Consider the Company You Keep

Even if you cut back on certain social events, there may still be people in your life who put pressure on you. Perhaps you have friends who want to spend an entire day drinking at the lake or a Saturday evening smoking around a firepit in the yard.

It may be wise to create some distance from these friends or family members to reduce any amount of temptations in your life.

Make a Game for Vacations

If you’re planning any trips during the upcoming weeks, make sure you have a plan for dealing with temptations. Perhaps organize other activities outdoors and devise a plan for what you’ll do if you find yourself tempted to break your sobriety.

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