Whether you have personally struggled with addiction or you have watched someone close to you do so, you likely have seen the harrowing effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a person’s body. Beyond the physically visible signs, long-term substance abuse can also lead to internal damage.

This is why, once you are in recovery from substance abuse, it is extremely important to fuel your body properly so it can heal and you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to a healthy diet is one of the best ways you can do this.

Eating Healthy in Addiction Recovery

Consult with a Dietician

After prolonged substance abuse, your body is going to need specific foods and nutrients in order to function properly and heal itself. A professional dietitian will be able to help you assess your specific dietary needs, work with you to develop a unique nutritional plan, and keep you on track moving forward.

Shop Smart

It can be very tempting when you’re food shopping to head down the snack aisles and stock up on your favorite treats. However, those snacks aren’t going to provide you with the nutrition that you need.

Try to stick to the perimeter of your store as this is where most of the healthy produce, protein, whole grains, and dairy are located. By not purchasing over-processed and unhealthy foods, you won’t have the option to choose them at home and will better stick to a healthy diet.

Meal Plan

Sticking to the plan set up by your dietician will be much easier if you plan your meals for the week in advance. Take a day at the beginning of the week and prep your ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the following days. You should also prepare some healthy snacks so you’re not tempted to reach or junk food if you get hungry in the middle of the day.

Nutritional Planning for Addiction Recovery

Nutrition therapy and nutrition education are an important part of any good addiction recovery program. The objective of nutrition therapy is to help heal and nourish the body that may have been damaged by long-term substance abuse.

Through our holistic therapy model, the team at Silvermist Recovery Center helps our clients feel better and improve their outlook as they navigate the addiction treatment process.

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