Addiction doesn’t simply affect a person’s physical appearance — it can also greatly change their behavior. One of the most dangerous behavioral changes that can result from substance abuse is the onset of physical violence towards a partner, affecting both the person struggling with addiction and the survivor of the domestic abuse.

In order to avoid the serious consequences this can have on a person’s health and safety, it’s essential to understand how addiction and domestic abuse are intertwined.

How Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse are Linked

Substances Decrease Inhibitions

Domestic violence tendencies are often caused by an internal need for control and dominance. While these needs are often controllable in everyday life, as someone consistently abuses drugs or alcohol, the ability to control those needs diminishes and the person can have more prominent feelings of dominance, leading to violence and abuse.

Substances Increase an Inner Voice

While under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a person may hear a louder internal voice that encourages them to take action against a partner whom they feel has embarrassed or angered them. The delusion created by this inner voice can cause them to be physically violent with their partner.

Substances Can Exacerbate Violent Tendencies

If a person already has a tendency to become violent when they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, those tendencies can be more frequent and intense when they do drink or use drugs.

Survivors of Domestic Abuse Can Turn to Substances

In an effort to calm the heavy emotions or physical pain caused by domestic abuse, a person may turn to drugs or alcohol. As time goes on — and the abuse potentially gets worse — a survivor can develop their own addiction.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

The mental issues that can cause a person to become violent need to be addressed in order to help them break free from their substance addiction. The team at Silvermist Recovery Center offers dual-diagnosis treatment to treat the underlying causes of substance abuse and help young adults live a fuller, healthier life.

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