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United Healthcare began in 1974 when Charter Med Incorporated was created by a group of healthcare professionals that wanted to expand coverage options for consumers. By 1977, United HealthCare Corporation was formed as a parent company to Charter Med Incorporated. Dr. Paul Ellwood was pivotal in the creation of United Healthcare, as he assisted Richard Burke who founded the company in 1977. The goal of United Healthcare was to establish practices that provided the best care possible to patients while trying to make the health care system stronger overall. The innovative strategies used by United Healthcare began to change the health care system landscape.

We accept United Healthcare plans at Silvermist. Call us at (724) 268-4858 or contact us online to learn more.

Choosing a Health Insurance Plan from United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers consumers health plans either through the Marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act or through your employer. United Healthcare provides many health insurance plans for you to choose from. Whether you are self-employed and looking for health care coverage or you need to find coverage for a student, United Healthcare has options. Like any health insurance provider, United Healthcare offers insurance options to meet the needs of any budget. If you are looking for coverage for addiction and recovery, a basic plan from the Marketplace is going to provide you with essential coverage for services.

If you get your health insurance coverage from your employer, the human resources department will be able to explain your benefits depending on the coverage you chose. If you purchased your insurance coverage through the Marketplace, check the back of your card for a phone number to customer service. The insurance plan you choose will depend on what you can afford each month for a premium, the coverage you need, and how much of a deductible you are willing to take on.

In general, you’ll want to weigh your options. For those who are younger and in excellent health, a plan that has a lower premium each month will probably be sufficient. If you are older or you have pre-existing conditions that require prescription medications and visits to the doctor, you will likely want to invest in a plan that offers you more. Pay attention to your deductible and look for a plan that will cover the services you need at a monthly premium you can afford.

What a Health Insurance Coverage Deductible Means

You may have a yearly deductible that must be met before your insurance plan pays for specific services. Some treatment is covered automatically and is not applied to your deductible while other services require that you pay up front until your deductible is met. Look over your health insurance policy to determine if substance abuse treatment is covered.

After your deductible is met, you may still have to pay a co-payment for services that you receive. Some plans offer to pay 80% of your total bill, while other plans that cost less will pay for less of the treatment. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card to ask specific details about your plan and what type of treatment it is going to cover for substance abuse.

Paying for Addiction Treatment to Get Sober

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 requires that all health insurance plans offer some type of coverage for addiction services. The biggest challenge is figuring out what level of treatment is covered and for how long. Substance abuse treatment can include supervised detox, residential inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, relapse prevention, and sober living programs. Each type of program may have different coverage, and once again you’ll need to check with your insurance provider to figure out the details.

If a lack of insurance coverage is preventing you from getting the addiction treatment you need, you can still find help. Public addiction treatment programs are available to those who don’t have health insurance or lack quality coverage for the addiction treatment services that they need.

Financing Options for Treatment

When you want to get sober, you can also consider financing options. Many private addiction treatment facilities can work out financing with you so that you can get treatment in a private facility that offers you more than what a public facility can offer. With financing, you will likely be able to afford the treatment you want in a facility that will give you top-notch care throughout your stay. While a public facility can get you through the detox safely and offer you traditional treatment for addiction, a private facility is going to offer more services.

Professional Treatment for Your Addiction

As your life continues down the path of addiction, it’s important to figure out when you are going to go for treatment. While you may try to ignore your addiction or hope you can conquer the addiction on your own, chances are extremely high that you will need professional help to overcome it. When your life becomes strained, you can expect that your financial situation may also get worse. An investment in private treatment for addiction will give you the support you need so that you don’t have to worry about falling deeper because of your addiction.

Withdrawal at Home vs. at a Facility

Professional addiction treatment in Pennsylvania offers you hope and support compared to trying to quit by yourself, which is a lonely experience. When you are home alone trying to withdraw from substances, you will quickly discover that withdrawal symptoms make this nearly impossible. With quality care in a private facility, you will get the support you need throughout your withdrawal and your early sobriety so that you can learn everything you need to know about addiction.

Withdrawal at home is never recommended. It is not safe to withdraw from substances at home alone because depending upon the substance, your symptoms can become very dangerous. When you need to detox from substances, the only safe place to do so is in a treatment program that offers supervision during the process.

You are not weak for seeking addiction treatment. You are making a powerful decision in your life when you choose to go to treatment instead of continuing down the path of addiction. When you are tired of living the life of addiction, make the decision to get the treatment you need to heal.

Benefits of a Private Addiction Treatment Facility

Once you come up with a plan to pay for your addiction treatment, it’s time to get ready to turn your life around. When you enter a private facility for addiction treatment, you’ll have all the comforts you need. In a private facility, you will get state-of-the-art treatment in an environment that is comfortable, private, and very conducive to healing. If you are entering a public facility for addiction treatment, you will still be able to recover from your addiction, but the environment is going to be less luxurious.

Public addiction treatment facilities are paid for by local and state government funds and by the insurances they accept. For some people, addiction treatment in a public facility is the only option. While you can expect that you will get the treatment you need from a public facility, the waitlist for treatment is going to be much longer than at a private facility.

HIPAA Regulations & Your Care in an Addiction Treatment Center

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects your personal medical information from disclosure. When you enter addiction treatment, you will have the opportunity to sign a release that allows necessary medical information to be released only to those you identify in the release. The facility is not allowed to share your medical information with anyone, no matter what their relationship is to you. For those who are nervous about seeking treatment because of what others will think, HIPAA protects your information unless you decide to share specific information with named individuals.

When you are in addiction treatment, you have a right to privacy. The environment you encounter will provide you with the safety you need during such a vulnerable time in your life. Whether you are in a private or public facility, your records are completely protected by HIPAA. While you can share information with anyone choose, be mindful of who you tell. While your employer may need to know about your treatment to grant you a medical leave, they don’t have to know the details of your treatment.

Drug addiction treatment is going to help you take back your life from addiction. Check with your insurance policy to find out on what your exact coverage is for addiction treatment. Even when your insurance doesn’t cover addiction treatment fully, you will have choices when it comes to financing. If you find a treatment program that you determine is the best for you to go to for treatment, talk with the facility about options when it comes to paying for treatment. You may be surprised to learn that you can pay for treatment and get back on the right track in your sobriety.

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