While many recovery residences or groups focus on therapy, counseling, relapse prevention, and education, some are also beginning to turn a focus onto complementary holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga. Although little scientific evidence currently exists to show a correlation between these mindful practices and success in sobriety, many people in recovery find that yoga provides an additional way to focus on overcoming addiction and begin to heal.Yoga teaches new coping mechanisms.
A person may become dependent on drugs or alcohol as a result of not knowing how to cope with stressful situations in their personal lives. These substances can numb emotions and make the user feel like they are better able to handle life’s difficulties. Yoga teaches new, healthy coping mechanisms through self-reflection and a focus on controlled deep-breathing. When a person feels stressed or overwhelmed by emotion, they can turn to yoga or meditation instead of drugs or alcohol.Yoga allows a person to connect with their spirituality.
Many recovery programs are designed around the12-step program, which focuses heavily on spirituality. Even those in recovery who don’t use the 12 steps can appreciate yoga’s focus on self-reflection and self-acceptance. Yoga provides an additional way for a person to connect with their spirituality and begin to improve their mind, body, and soul.

Yoga promotes patience and self-discipline.
Yoga may force a person to acknowledge and be at peace with both physical and mental limitations. However, over time and with diligent practice, those limitations can be overcome. Mastering a new yoga pose can boost a person’s self-confidence and remind them that, if they stay committed, they are able to achieve their personal goals.

Silvermist offers optional daily yoga classes in our on-site gym. Many clients take advantage of these classes and enjoy having the opportunity to relax, meditate, and center themselves. We also provide access to additional holistic therapies such as reflexology, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Residents may also opt to begin BioSound Healing Therapy with our BioLounge.

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