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Thank you for everything you guys did for me

I felt very comfortable with staff. They were always nice…Thank you for everything you guys did for me.

Neal S.

A safe and open environment

The staff here are outstanding. They’ve provided me with a safe and open environment in which I could share my thoughts and experiences.

Clayton F.

I’m so thankful for Silvermist…

The service I received during my stay at Silvermist was great. Silvermist helped me a lot with my recovery. I’m so thankful for Silvermist and would highly recommend this place. All the staff members were very nice and respectful to me. My therapist helped me out in many ways.

Joe W.

[They] cared to see clients doing well…

I felt really comfortable because I saw how much they loved their jobs and cared to see clients doing well. It’s an added bonus to know some of the staff were in our shoes during this recovery process and it makes them that much more relatable and easier to talk to.


I owe so much gratitude for the way they loved me when I was not ready to love myself.

The staff, therapists, education programs and opportunities were beyond my expectations. Max was so positive and encouraging every step. Family sessions were so important with my recovery. Education and resources about the disease was vital.

Staff was available 24/7 with concerns and helped me the whole time.

Taking to outside meetings and the multiple options for the right recovery programs was positive. It helped me make the choice of what program would best work for my recovery.

I owe so much gratitude for the way they loved me when I was not ready to love myself.

Thank you Max and staff. I will always use my skills during my recovery and life.

Lindsay B.

…friendly and super personable…

Never for one second did I feel I couldn’t approach staff. They are friendly and super personable and I love all of them.


I am extremely grateful…

My stay at Silvermist was truly life changing. I gained new personal/social skills along with new mindfulness techniques. I now feel as though I am prepared, and ultimately encouraged, to go out into the world and maintain my sober journey. I am extremely grateful to my therapist Ryan & staff member Garret for guiding me through my journey here.

Grant S.

I’m grateful and tremendously satisfied…

I’ll recommend this place to anyone who wants help. I’m grateful and tremendously satisfied with my overall experience.


…a safe and positive community.

My experience at Silvermist has been far more beneficial than I expected. From the lodging and food to the really in-depth therapy I received, I have been very satisfied. I was able to be part of a safe and positive community. I made genuine friends and lasting memories. I was able to get out of my comfort zone and push to conquer fears. The yoga and meditation practices are indispensable.

Corbin S.

My experience here at Silvermist was a lifesaving opportunity and blessing

My experience here at Silvermist was a lifesaving opportunity and blessing. I believe Silvermist should be the industry standard when it comes to the quality of care. The facility staff members were beyond compassionate, qualified, and accommodating. I was respected and cared for the moment I entered the facility until I left. My therapeutic needs were met by my therapist Ryan as well as the others who are on the clinical team. I have gone to many facilities in the past 3 years after having a relapse after years of sobriety. Finally, arriving at Silvermist – I could breathe because for the first time they were not just a pretty website with no real clinical services like some places I have been. Nothing worse than arriving at a facility and realizing the admissions team over the phone oversold their program. At Silvermist, there is a tremendous amount of clinical and therapeutic services offered as well as medical. You are treated with dignity and respect – your needs are heard and crystal and her staff go above and beyond to make sure your newfound sobriety is built on a firm foundation. Great work! Thank you!

Dan P.

The staff were very accommodating.

The food quality is excellent. There was a great selection of menu items, plus substitute meals always available in case we didn’t want anything on the main menu. The staff were very accommodating.

David M.

…a 10 out of 10…

Silvermist gave me the tools to succeed with being an addict and also my mental disorders. Everyone employed here was willing to help me in any aspect of my recovery and was extremely patient. At times the clients helped just as much as the staff and therapists. I can’t forget the food here, you can’t ask for a better rehab for a place to eat. Overall I would rate my whole experience a 10 out of 10 and would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need.

Andrew F.

…everything was catered towards my life.

Treatment was oriented towards my issues, and I greatly appreciate how everything was catered towards my life. Silvermist provided me with coping skills and the tools I need to continue keeping recovery my first priority.

Michele T.

…gave me great insight.

Silvermist provided a comfortable environment where I felt I could focus on the areas of my life that needed changing. The staff were very educated on the recovery process and gave me great insight.


A great foundation for an incredible life in sobriety

The therapists here are phenomenal. They genuinely care and have a passion for what they do. This place has been an absolute blessing! I’ve been shown that recovery is 100% possible if I apply all the tools I learned here. Silvermist has given me a great foundation for an incredible life in sobriety and my appreciation for that is indescribable.

Dorothy F.

Rehab doesn’t get much better than this.

The initial assessment was smooth and helped me get comfortable quickly. I’m very satisfied…I appreciate the concern and care when staff was dealing with me. It made my stay here much easier and helped the time fly by…Rehab doesn’t get much better than this.

Darren H.