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Silvermist is an ideal setting to put life’s distractions on hold and fully explore your opportunity for inner growth and healing. Through a rich curriculum of research-based, individualized practices and client-centered thinking and philosophy, Silvermist allows you to discover your true potential.

Our team of experienced, licensed clinicians works closely with each client to help identify negative attitudes, feelings and behaviors that have likely developed as a means of coping. We strive to replace them in ways that will lead to a more productive way of life.

The clinical program at our facility employs multiple evidence-based models, including:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy: A user’s inner self-talk can be destructive. Through acceptance and commitment therapy, clients can strengthen their psychological “muscles,” become more present, and learn to accept their reactions.

  • Medication-assisted treatment: Also known as MAT, medication-assisted treatment combines medication and counseling to treat substance use disorder. It is usually most effective for opioid use disorder.

At Silvermist, we treat clients on an individual basis, matching the right treatment modality to your unique needs.

Learn more about our treatment modalities by calling (724) 268-4858.