Seeking professional addiction treatment is an important part of the recovery process, but it is not the last step in the journey to lasting sobriety. Learning how to find an AA sponsor is a decisive step that recovering individuals often take to help prevent relapse.

Most addiction programs run for 30, 60 or 90 days, but experts suggest that the first year after treatment is a critical time when people in recovery are most vulnerable to relapse. When learning how to find an AA sponsor, people can find the additional support they need to keep their recovery on track.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Program

Before learning how to find an AA sponsor, individuals should take some time to understand how the Alcoholics Anonymous program can help them stay sober. AA was designed to help manage alcohol addiction by completely abstaining. The program is based on 12 steps that address multiple aspects of addiction.

People in all stages of recovery attend AA meetings. Some attendees will have been through professional treatment, and others may not have chosen that path. Some attend regularly, some attend intermittently and some may choose to attend different AA groups rather than the same one.

How to Find an AA Sponsor

To find out how to find an AA sponsor, it’s important to attend some AA meetings. Most addiction treatment centers encourage patients to seek aftercare after intensive treatment has been completed, and AA is invariably high on the recommendation list. Many people begin AA as soon as they leave their treatment center. AA meeting leaders will address how to find an AA sponsor so that newcomers can quickly find the support that will help to prevent relapse.

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It’s not always obvious to those present that someone is wondering how to find an AA sponsor. If the question of how to find an AA sponsor isn’t addressed in the meeting you attend, ask the group leader. Tell the group leader that you need sponsorship and they will show you how to find an AA sponsor who has the time to help you as you work through the program.

How to Find an AA Sponsor That Meets Your Needs

If you’re recovering from addiction, it’s important to learn how to find an AA sponsor who is right for you. You might easily find a willing sponsor, but before you partner with them you need to make sure this person is in long-term recovery and has worked successfully with a sponsor themselves.

Remember, you can learn how to find an AA sponsor that’s right for you by attending multiple AA meetings. Taking advantage of the support offered to you through groups like AA decreases your likelihood of relapse. If you have questions about AA, you can talk to your addiction rehab center or attend local AA meetings to find out more.