A substance addiction problem can bring with it much more than just a physical abuse of drugs or alcohol. Often, as an addiction becomes worse, you can fall out of the habit of self-care, neglecting your physical, mental, and emotional health as well as your hygiene, and potentially, your safety.

As you enter into addiction recovery, it’s essential to practice proper self-care in order to maintain proper motivation and avoid falling back into bad habits. These are some of the ways you can practice self-care and stay strong on the road to sobriety.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Not only is a healthy, well-balanced diet necessary to replenish your body after the effects of drugs or alcohol, but eating healthy helps you feel good. When you fuel your body with the proper foods, you will feel more energized and have less of a chance of using drugs or alcohol.

Get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Essentially every young adult knows how cranky and unmotivated they can feel when they don’t get enough sleep at night. When you’re recovering from substance abuse, it’s even more important to give your body enough time at night to relax and recharge so you can focus on maintaining your sobriety.

Stay Active

Not only does regular exercise improve your body physically, but the endorphins you produce during a workout can help improve your mood and give you more energy each day. Plus, exercise is also a great way to relieve stress that could otherwise put you at risk for relapse.

Use Healthy Methods to Cope with Stress

No matter what the cause, stress is a major reason why young adults can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. By finding healthy coping mechanisms to reduce your stress levels — such as exercise, meditation, writing, or listening to music — you can maintain better mental health and avoid relapsing during your recovery

Find Enjoyment in Each Day

Try going for a walk and notice the beautiful sights of nature or indulge in a sweet treat at your local bakery. Finding little things that bring you joy each day can help you maintain a positive attitude as well as your sobriety.

At Silvermist, we recognize that many young adults who seek drug addiction treatment in Pennsylvania are at a pivotal point in their lives. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping them address the unique issues they face at their age so that they can move forward toward a brighter future.

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