While recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is entirely possible, it takes a lot of will, determination, and hard work to overcome inner demons as well as the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that may have led to use substances in the first place.

Recovery is a long road, and at times, you can find yourself feeling discouraged that you aren’t at the point you feel you should be at or that it’s too difficult to maintain your sobriety. In moments like these, it’s essential to remind yourself of a few things in order to keep your recovery on track.

Keeping Your Recovery on Track

Remember There is No Timeline

Everyone recovers from addiction at their own pace. Just because you see someone making (what you think are) bigger strides in their recovery, it does not diminish your efforts in the slightest. You are moving at your own pace and reaching milestones in your own time.

Focus on Your Goals

When you first begin your recovery journey, aim to write down a few goals that you would like to accomplish as you continue your sobriety. Those may include going back to school, working towards a promotion at work, or saving enough to take a family vacation.

If you begin to feel discouraged or tempted to relapse, remind yourself that your goals are only achievable if you maintain your sobriety.

Remind Yourself of Your Achievements

Whether you’ve been in recovery for a few months or several years, you have made great strides. While these may include staying sober for a certain amount of time, they may also consist of rebuilding familial or friend relationships, becoming financially stable, or placing a bigger focus on your mental health.

By reminding yourself that these accomplishments were only possible through your sobriety, you can more easily keep your recovery on track.

Rely on Your Support System

You are never alone in recovery. Your family, friends, and recovery counselor are all there to offer you advice and support so you can maintain your sobriety. If you’re ever feeling like you’re struggling during your recovery, turn to your loved ones for help.

The team at Silvermist is committed to providing our clients with the best possible chance of long-lasting recovery through a highly individualized and progressive approach to substance abuse treatment.

Because the journey to recovery differs from person to person, our private drug and alcohol rehab program includes a multitude of critical components that, in combination, offer an effective and individualized drug and alcohol rehab plan.

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