One of the most important skills you learn during your treatment for substance abuse is being mindful of your own thoughts and what is happening around you. In doing so, you can better understand what causes you to turn to drugs or alcohol and find new, healthier ways to cope with those feelings.

Once you’re out of your treatment program and back home, it is essential to continue to practice mindfulness in order to maintain your sobriety.

Tips for Becoming More Mindful

Find Somewhere Quiet

Especially if you’re just beginning to focus on your inner thoughts and feelings, it may be difficult to maintain your focus in an environment with many distractions. Instead, find a quiet, peaceful place to be alone with your thoughts. This can be your bedroom, a park, or another spot — it’s wherever you can best focus.

Maintain Proper Posture

You may not think that how you are physically seated or lying down has an effect on your ability to focus, but it actually does. By keeping your back straight and your head high, your body will feel more in tune with itself and you will better be able to focus your thoughts.

Pace Yourself/Be Patient with Yourself

Not everyone can sit in one place for an extended period of time and focus solely on their thoughts — it can be difficult to remain focused. Don’t try to stay still for a while — start by trying to be mindful for 15 or 20 minutes a day and work towards being able to do so for longer periods over time.

You should also not feel discouraged if you find that you’re not able to focus on specific things when you first start out. It’s completely normal for your mind to wander to other places. In time you will improve your ability to streamline your thoughts.

At Silvermist Recovery Center, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment and recovery, which includes an array of traditional and alternative therapies. At our addiction recovery center in Pennsylvania, we provide mindfulness meditation and yoga as a complementary therapy for those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

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