Traditional therapy programs like cognitive behavioral therapy are effective, widely-utilized methods of addressing addiction and mental illness. However, because of the complexity of certain cases, like dual diagnosis, additional treatment models are often needed to sustain recovery in body, mind and spirit. 

Such methods are known as holistic therapies, and focus on healing the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. There are a number of different holistic treatments available, including a relatively new method which emphasizes the importance of moving brain waves through different stages of alertness to achieve maximum relaxation and peace. 

We’re talking, of course, about biosound healing therapy. 

What is biosound therapy? 

Biosound therapy is a holistic treatment method used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to reduce anxiety and depression, and even help resistant clients finish out their time in addiction or mental health treatment.

Biosound therapy utilizes brain waves to promote a deeper sense of healing. During therapy sessions, sensors are placed on your scalp to read these brain waves, allowing you to see their ever-changing patterns and motions throughout the session. Typically, you’ll see them begin in a state of high alertness and end in one of deep relaxation.

How does biosound healing therapy work?

Based on what you’re feeling, or what’s going on in your head in each particular moment, your brain waves reflect that level of alertness or energy. There are five measurable brain wave states that the sensors will detect: 

  • Gamma – The fastest brain waves, associated with high-level cognition, memory recall and peak awareness.
  • Beta – Active, alert and focused, these brain waves occur when you’re thinking, problem solving or practicing focused attention.
  • Alpha Associated with stress reduction and positive thinking, alpha brain waves present in a calmly alert, relaxed and inwardly focused fashion, such as during light meditation or a soothing task.
  • Theta Deep relaxation, vivid imagery and creativity are common in the theta state. Here, we’re closely in touch with our subconscious, such as during deep meditation or REM sleep.
  • Delta The slowest of all the brain waves, delta is experienced during deep, dreamless sleep. It’s healing and regenerating for the body.

Biosound healing therapy’s goal is to move the brain from an alpha state to a deeply relaxed theta state. When in theta, the brain is more open to new thoughts and suggestions, which paves the way for positive thoughts about oneself and boosted self esteem. 

This transition through brain waves is completed through the different components of biosound healing therapy: biofeedback, binaural beats, guided meditation, positive affirmation and whole body vibrations. 

  • Biofeedback – Allows you to lower stress, reduce negative emotions and achieve relaxation by watching and responding to your body’s signals as presented on the monitor. 
  • Binaural beats – Using different sound frequencies, this form of music therapy moves brain waves into the theta state. 
  • Guided meditation – Once in the theta state, guided meditation holds the brain there, allowing it to be open to self- and thought-awareness. 
  • Positive affirmation – A vital aspect of guided meditation, positive affirmation increases one’s self esteem, reduces negative self-talk and improves self-control.
  • Whole body vibrations – Gentle vibrations conclude the session to help induce a feeling of relaxation (similar to sensations felt after a massage) and potentially boost cognition and attention.

Using the science of the brain, biosound healing therapy can bring about many mental changes crucial to the success of any mental health journey, including reduced stress and anxiety and increased self-confidence and esteem. 

What are the benefits of biosound therapy? 

Each different component of biosound therapy has its own benefits, resulting in an exceptionally beneficial program when tied all together. Some of these benefits include: 

  • An improved mood and sense of well-being during the challenges of addiction detox – Partaking in this therapy during detox may reduce stress, alleviate some withdrawal symptoms and have you feeling more positive mentally. 
  • Completion of treatment – Since so many clients look forward to biosound therapy, and positive affirmations help improve confidence, many individuals see treatment through to completion.
  • Return to a calm mental state – Even for those in crisis, biosound therapy has been proven to return them to a relaxed mental state so they are more equipped to handle the challenges ahead.
  • A reduction in stress, anxiety and depression – Because of the combination of meditation and positive affirmations, alongside the induced relaxation of the theta state of mind, negative emotions quickly lose their grasp.

When used in conjunction with traditional treatment therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, biosound healing therapy benefits the development and continuation of healthy thought patterns and increases mood and well-being overall.

Is biosound healing therapy right for me? 

If you’ve found that other mental health treatment therapies, while effective, are not helping you achieve your recovery goals to the level you desire, you might consider talking with your therapist about incorporating holistic therapies like biosound. Not only will you find the method of biosound healing effective, it’s sure to become an enjoyable aspect of your routine. 

To speak with a therapist about the option of biosound healing therapy, or to learn more about the program at Silvermist Recovery, contact us anytime by calling 724-268-4858