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The last time you had a day where your mental health was dragging, what did you do?

For many people, when they’re having a rough day, they don’t have the mental energy to research how to improve the state of their mental health, so they just suffer through it. 

Oftentimes, our default is to do something easy, familiar and comforting, but these responses don’t often keep our best interests in mind. Think of sleeping all day, consuming (or bingeing) unhealthy foods, scrolling through social media for hours or turning to drugs and alcohol.

There are much healthier, more productive and sustainable mood-boosting activities for you to engage in, and with consistent practice, these beneficial activities will become your default.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the top six natural mood enhancers that can help you improve your mental health and ultimately, your full health and well-being overall.

Mood and affect on mental health

We all have tough days. 

Work can be stressful, our families can be overwhelming, and bills can cause anxiety; there are dozens of factors that influence how we think and feel on a day-to-day basis.

It’s natural to experience fluctuating emotions, it’s a normal and healthy part of the human experience; our thoughts, emotions and bodies are constantly in some sort of motion. For most people, these mental “lows” rebalance after a couple of days, and they resume their natural positive rhythm in life.

For others, they might find themselves stuck in a slump that they can’t seem to pull themselves out of. Whether they’re aware of what’s causing this depressive episode or it’s being unintentionally nurtured (like through a high-inflammatory diet, which negatively impacts our brain function), it takes a significant toll on your mental health.

Without identifying the root cause of a persistent or chronic negative mood, we can’t take the necessary steps to begin healing.

One of the best ways to take care of your mental health or manage a mental health condition is to frequently and consistently implement natural mood enhancers into your lifestyle.

What are mood boosters?

A mood booster is defined as any sort of activity, experience or object that helps uplift and improve a person’s mood. While the end result sounds positive, the means to achieving that end are not always so; drugs, alcohol and casual sex can all temporarily improve one’s mood, but they can be very harmful when used or done irresponsibly.

Natural mood boosters are safe and beneficial activities, experiences and objects that not only temporarily lift a person’s mood, but also do so in a way that is sustainably healthy.

How to boost mood naturally

There are many different ways to naturally boost your mood that don’t involve alcohol or drugs (prescription or illicit) and plenty of which can have a positive, long-lasting effect on you.

Different boosters work for different people, so give yourself permission to explore different activities or practices, and don’t be hard on yourself if certain ones don’t work.

Some of the most effective natural mood boosters include:

  • Engaging in movement-based activities you enjoy
  • Spending regular time in nature
  • Socializing with people who genuinely love, support and uplift you
  • Practicing intentionality and mindfulness in your actions
  • Listening to music that has a positive impact on you
  • Prioritizing your sleep
  • Participating in hobbies you enjoy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with knowing where to begin with practicing mood boosters, or you’ve tried various natural mood boosters before and didn’t see the results you wanted, send us a message today. We can help you figure out the best ways to practice these successfully.

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