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Using Valium for longer than 4-6 weeks, even with a doctor’s prescription, is dangerous. Valium, usually prescribed as the generic, Diazepam, is a type of long-acting benzodiazepine prescribed to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Like all “benzos,” Valium is addictive. Many users quickly develop a tolerance to their initial prescribed dose. As the individual continues to use Valium, the user must increase their dose to get the same relief and feel the drug’s effects. This is common, as users notice the pleasant relaxation and mild euphoria they experienced when they first took the drug is no longer achievable without upping their dose. Ironically, this causes the anxiety that led them to take Valium to get worse. General anxiety comes back stronger than before, as well as stress regarding where they’ll get their next pill.

Our goal at Silvermist is to help you find new ways to cope without turning to Valium or other drugs for relief. We can help you confront your addiction head-on with skilled support and evidence-based treatment models. Each patient is treated as a unique individual with personalized treatment goals. During your journey to sobriety at Silvermist, our addiction specialists will guide you through the process of finding meaning in a drug-free life.

Patients also have access to detox locations affiliated with Silvermist Recovery, to receive recommended care that can help you distance yourself from self-destructive substance use habits.

Are you struggling with Valium addiction? Contact Silvermist online or by phone at (724) 268-4858 for further information about our Pennsylvania Valium addiction treatment center for young adults.

Am I Addicted to Valium?

You may be addicted to Valium if you start to feel anxious when you don’t have enough pills to satisfy your cravings. Isolation and hiding how many pills you actually take is also common. If you’ve been “doctor shopping” to try to get more Valium, this is also a sign of addiction. However, because most doctors will not prescribe benzos to new patients, this means those who are addicted will have to look elsewhere to get their fix. Anyone who continues to use Valium even though it causes difficulties in life, such as failure to follow through with work obligations, likely has an addiction.

Valium is often used with other prescription drugs like opioids and/or alcohol. Any of these pill/alcohol combinations are dangerous, as each drug amplifies the effects of the other, making it a recipe for disaster. Valium, opioids, and alcohol are all depressants, and overdose is much more likely when any of them are combined.

If you find yourself wondering if you’re addicted to Valium, it’s important to seek help. Valium withdrawal can cause very uncomfortable or serious withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures or coma. Rebound anxiety is another symptom that can cause a Valium addict to suffer if they have no support. Treatment involves tapering the dosage to minimize these withdrawal symptoms, as well as the use of approved medications to prevent further medical complications.

You Can Recover from Valium Addiction

At Silvermist, we specifically cater to the needs of young adults looking to get sober from Valium and other drugs. We provide our patients with hope for a better life and instill guiding principles so you can navigate the inevitable challenges you’ll face in the future. Addiction recovery is possible through our holistic treatment program that focuses on healing the whole patient rather than just their physical addiction. Our extensive holistic treatment services serve to heal the body, mind, and spirit in your quest for a sober lifestyle.

Looking for Valium addiction treatment in Pennsylvania? Call Silvermist at (724) 268-4858 to learn more about our Valium drug rehab program and get started to a better life now.