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The young adult addiction rehab treatment program at Silvermist is built to combat the disproportionate number of young adults who have fallen into addiction and are at great risk, particularly due to the presence of opioid use disorders.

To address concerns specific to young adult developmental needs, we incorporate the following topics into our treatment options:

  • Boundary setting

  • Grief and loss

  • Communication and problem-solving skills

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Goal setting

  • Establishing a purpose

  • Moving from identity crisis to identify capital

  • Leadership training and goal setting

  • Identifying community resources

We recognize that many young adults who seek drug addiction treatment in Pennsylvania are at a pivotal point in their lives. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping them address the unique issues they face at their age so that they can move forward toward a brighter future.

Contact us online or call (724) 268-4858 to learn more about Silvermist’s young adult rehab services in Pennsylvania.

What We Offer

Young adults have some of the best years ahead of them. When drug or alcohol addiction stands in their way of a promising future, Silvermist can help. Our specialists offer rehabilitation services and treatment options designed with young adults in mind.

Our young adult rehab services include:

  • Financial counseling: We have found that most young adult clients benefit from financial counseling to learn how to better manage their money and save for the future. Clients learn about budgeting, paying debts, and more.

  • Life skills counseling: Many young adults who are recovering from substance abuse or addiction need help learning or regaining basic life skills. We teach clients about life skills topics such as stress management, sleep hygiene, self-care, exercise, mindfulness, domestic skills, and more.

Learn more about our young adult rehab program by calling (724) 268-4858.