Following treatment, you may look forward to reconnecting with friends and loved ones and re-establishing the relationships you had in your life before your addiction. However, addictions often wreak havoc on relationships after rehab. If you’ve broken the trust of someone close to you, that person may still feel hurt or harbor resentment, even after you’ve become sober.If you’re interested in mending broken relationships after completing a stay at a residential treatment center, here are a few tips.

Have Realistic Expectations

It may be tempting to believe that you can easily return to your old life and relationships now that you’re in recovery. However, it’s possible that your loved ones experienced so much hurt or pain during the period of your addiction that they need time and space in order to forgive you. Be patient and respect their feelings. Staying positive and continuing to have a successful journey to recovery can go a long way toward helping you rebuild these relationships, but it may take time.

Focus on Yourself

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It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions others may have of your recovery journey, especially if those people are close to you. Try your best to stay focused on yourself and your own goals and expectations. Recovery–especially the early stages of recovery–can be stressful, and letting outside perceptions influence your mood will only add to any struggles or fears you’re facing.

Focusing on yourself through therapy, exercise, sleep and a healthy diet will help you feel stronger and more prepared to deal with a life of recovery. Showing your dedication and commitment to sobriety may also help rebuild trust between yourself and friends or family members.

Learn Acceptance

In some cases, it may not be possible to repair a relationship damaged by addiction. That can be difficult and painful to accept, but the best thing to do is respect the other person’s decision and acknowledge that they may not ever change their mind or be ready to talk with you. Reacting calmly and respectfully is the best way to keep open the possibility of future communication. Turn to other friends, family members or supportive individuals in the recovery community if you are struggling with the end of a relationship with a loved one.

Rebuilding old relationships after rehab can be one step in building a new, sober life. Silvermist provides aftercare support to all clients and can assist you with finding the necessary resources to be confident and comfortable in your recovery.