When you’re exploring your options for recovery, consider leaving your hometown for addiction treatment rather than seeking treatment locally. Leaving your hometown for addiction treatment can help you more effectively learn how to cope with cravings and triggers, and there are many advantages to traveling to another locale.

1. Removes Temptations from Your Environment

When you stay close to home for treatment, you’re remaining near the places where you used to drink or do drugs. The temptation to relapse is often much stronger when you know substances are close by and easy to get.

Leaving your hometown for addiction treatment removes these familiar and convenient temptations. When you’re in a new place and don’t know where to find drugs, it’s easier to maintain abstinence and stay focused on your recovery.

2. Helps You Avoid Distractions and Triggers

Leaving your hometown for addiction treatment removes many of the distractions you’d encounter if you remained close to home. Recovery takes work, and the less distracted you are the better able you’ll be to concentrate solely on getting sober and healthy.

Traveling away for treatment also gives you the opportunity to detach from everyone back home. In many cases, relationships and certain family members can serve as triggers. Detaching from them by putting temporary distance between you can be beneficial for a speedier recovery.

3. Gives You Privacy

When you leave home and go to a place where no one knows you, you’ll have a greater sense of anonymity and absolute privacy to fully engage with your treatment program. While a substance use disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, some people still mistakenly believe that addiction is a choice.Leaving your hometown for addiction treatment removes the possibility of scrutiny and stigma from those in your hometown.

4. Removes You from the Environment That Fostered Addiction

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Removing yourself from the environment in which you experienced your addiction can be highly beneficial. By removing yourself from the place where your addiction flourished, it takes away the people and things that fed your addiction. This could be friends with addictions, codependent relationships with loved ones or a stressful job. Leaving your hometown for addiction treatment removes these factors, so you can focus on the most important aspect of your life—effective, lasting recovery.

Explore Leaving Your Hometown for Addiction Treatment

Your initial instinct might be to seek treatment close to home, perhaps because you have obligations. Traveling for rehab allows you to more easily focus solely on yourself, heal effectively, and return to your obligations a healthier person. You won’t be much good to those around you if you continue to struggle with addiction. Treatment is a time where you should be completely focused on yourself and your needs.

Explore your options to see what’s available outside of your hometown. Be aware that substance abuse can hijack your mind’s decision-making process, so speak with a medical or mental health professional when exploring your choices.