Successful longterm recovery requires learning multiple ways to cope with cravings and handle triggers. Visualize your different recovery approaches like a group of tools in a toolbox. Within that toolbox are things like group meetings and individual counseling, but an often overlooked device is generating your own recovery inspiration via social media. Add this powerful tool to your toolbox by filling your social feeds with posts that inspire your recovery.

Recovery Inspiration Using Social Media

Recovery inspiration on social media uses platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to post motivational and educational information. Searching for shareable pieces of inspiration reinforces the positive aspects of your sobriety. As you surf through different sites to find inspiration that’s appropriate to recovery, you’re reviewing all sorts of encouragement in the process. This exposure to positivity helps reinforce your resolve to stick with your recovery.

By posting recovery inspiration, you’re also staying in touch with your sober peers, which makes you an integral part of this special online community. This consistent interaction provides you with peer support in addition to your in-person group meetings.

Another benefit of filling your social feeds with recovery inspiration is that you’re not only helping yourself to stay committed to sobriety. You’re also reaching out to others who may need help as well, and helping others is an integral part of staying sober.

Tips for Creating Recovery Inspiration Posts

While it’s useful to focus on filling your social media feeds with recovery inspiration, it’s also important to use sources that are reliable and provide sound information. Here are a few guidelines to use when you’re looking for things to post:1

  • When re-posting topics related to mental health information, use reliable sources such as government agencies, national nonprofits or academic journals.
  • Share uplifting and positive stories about recovery as opposed to negative incidents surrounding addiction.

If you’re looking for simple, down-to-earth quotes about recovery, a good place to start is Inspirational Quotes About Life. You’ll find interesting and uplifting quotes from famous people there.

Woman texting and walking

If you’d like to include images for the quotes you select to share, use a free site called Quozio. You can add the quote and who said it on a text editing screen, and at the push of a button an image is created with your quote to maximize its visual impact.

Stay in Balance

Like everything else in your life, you have to maintain a balance of your time on social media.2 One important aspect of sustained emotional health has always been balance. This means that your online social interactions should stay balanced with your in-person connections.

Make sure the amount of time you’re devoting to online activities or looking at your phone isn’t disproportionate with the time you spend on real-world social interactions. When you achieve and maintain a balance between virtual and in-person time, you’re more likely to feel connected to the world around you. Maintaining healthy connections are key to your successful, long-term recovery.


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