When it comes to addiction, there is no demographic that is exempt from risk. Anyone, of any age, race, or walk of life, can find themselves struggling with substance abuse. However, there are certain age groups that are often more at risk — a main one being Millennials.

But what exactly makes this generation so much more prone to substance abuse than others? These are just a few things.

Reasons Millennials are at Risk for Addiction

Economic Stress

This generation is the most educated in history but also the most underpaid in comparison to that education. A majority of Millennials put themselves into thousands of dollars worth of debt to earn higher education degrees, only to be offered low salaries by employers.

Between the student loan debt and limited income, Millennials are under immense amounts of stress that can cause them to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Social Media

Many young people have numerous social media accounts that, although meant to connect them with other users, tend to create more of a disconnect. Furthermore, social media has a tendency to create feelings of envy and jealousy — often of someone else’s life or belongings or because of a friend/significant other’s interaction with another user.

While social media can be an addiction within itself, its effect on Millennials can be worse than their being attached to their phones in that it may contribute to the development of substance abuse. They may use drugs and alcohol in an attempt to fit into an aesthetic for their profile or to calm the anxiety they feel due to envy, among other reasons.

Substance Use Seems Normal

A combination of pop culture and the legalization of marijuana in a large number of states has made drug use seem less taboo in Millennial’s eyes. Think about it: box office films portray heavy cocaine use in party scenes; college-themed social media accounts make it seem as if students should spend every weekend binge drinking.

When drinking and drug use no longer seem to have serious consequences, young adults are more likely to try them and potentially develop substance abuse problems.

Treatment Options Designed with Your Unique Needs in Mind

The young adult addiction rehab treatment program at Silvermist is built to combat the disproportionate number of young adults who have fallen into addiction and are at great risk, particularly due to the presence of opioid use disorders.

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