For many people, the holidays tend to be a time of indulgence — more sweets, more shopping, and more merriment. Another thing the holidays tend to bring a lot of? Stress and alcohol.

While it can be hard enough to limit one’s drinking and potential drug use during the holidays for the average young adult, it’s even more difficult for those who have struggled with substance abuse and are on the journey to recovery.

If you’re aiming to maintain your sobriety during the holiday season, there are a few precautions you should take to stay on the right path.

Tips for Maintaining Sobriety During the Holidays

Set Limits for Yourself

This time of year, you’ll likely be invited to a number of parties and celebrations, a majority of which will have alcohol and other substances present. Although you may feel like you have to have to attend these functions out of fear of missing out or obligation, that’s simply not the case — especially if you feel as though you may be overly tempted to break your sobriety.

Set a limit for yourself when it comes to these events. Decline invitations to functions that you feel may present too much temptation or that you would only otherwise go to out of obligation.

For gatherings that you do attend, set a time frame for how long you’ll stay there and stick to it. By setting hard limits, you won’t overexert yourself and stay around temptation for longer than necessary.

Keep a Drink in Your Hand

By this, we, of course, mean a non-alcoholic one. By hanging onto a beverage, you won’t be tempted to pick up any nearby alcoholic drinks. What’s better is that, since you already have a drink, no one will try to offer you something else that would break your sobriety.

Arrange for a Sober Buddy

If you’re worried you’ll be the only one not drinking at a friend’s party or family gathering, consider asking someone to abstain from alcohol with you. It’s often much easier to maintain your sobriety when you have someone keeping you in check and standing by your side doing the same.

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