Whenever a young adult uses an illicit drug or substance, there is rightfully cause for concern. However, the danger of using these drugs becomes more imminent if they are taken intravenously using a needle and syringe. Although drugs taken any way pose health and safety risks to the person using them, intravenous drugs can often bring more serious risks.

In order to get you or a loved one help as soon as possible and avoid serious health problems, it’s essential to understand the terrifying effects of intravenous drug use.

The Dangerous Effects of Intravenous Drugs

Higher Risk of Overdose

While any drug that is taken improperly can risk overdose, those injected into the body run a much higher risk of this happening. This is because drugs that are taken in the form of powders or pills are created in such a way that they release more slowly into the body.

However, when drugs are taken intravenously, they are injected directly into the bloodstream and make those using them feel the effects almost instantly. If a person injects too high of an amount of a specific drug, their body and brain will not be able to handle it and they can easily overdose.

Higher Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Young adults who use drugs intravenously are at a much higher risk of developing certain sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Oftentimes, intravenous drug users may share needles or other drug paraphernalia that can transfer blood and/or bodily fluids, spreading the diseases. Asides from HIV, intravenous drug users are also at a higher risk of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Higher Risk of Skin Infections

On top of sexually transmitted infections, those who use drugs intravenously also run the risk of developing certain skin infections due to contaminated drug paraphernalia or drugs that contain harmful pathogens. Typically, young adults suffer from bacterial or fungal infections and vascular scarring.

Drug Treatment in Pennsylvania

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