Humans are social creatures who find comfort in being around friends and loved ones. While you may think that a partner would ease the struggles of everyday life, romantic relationships can present quite a few challenges for people in recovery from substance abuse.

Common Issues with Romantic Relationships and Recovery

Recovery Requires Self-Prioritization

Addiction recovery can ask a lot of you — to make choices every day that keep you on the right path, to make active changes in your life to maintain sobriety, etc. When you factor a romantic relationship, especially a new one, into the mix, you can begin to prioritize the relationship over your own needs, risking your recovery.

Dating Can Put You in Compromising Situations

Especially if your new partner doesn’t know that you’re in recovery, you may find yourself accompanying them to places or events that tempt you to break your sobriety. Dates to bars and social gatherings at friends’ homes can put substances in your path and put you at risk of relapse.

Dating Can Be Stressful

No matter how compatible you and your partner are, you will have disagreements and arguments. As the stress of those disagreements goes on, you may find yourself tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to cope.

Romantic Relationships Can Form New Addictions

The main goal of using drugs and alcohol is the feeling of euphoria that those substances provide. Love can also provide similar feelings, which can lead people to jump into relationships and cling to them to get that same high. In cases like these, you may find that you’re simply replacing an addiction to a substance with an addiction to a person.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment in Pennsylvania

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