One of the most nerve-wracking parts of accepting treatment may be the uncertainty about what you’ll experience when you arrive. Although Silvermist focuses on providing personalized treatment designed to help each person find their own best path to recovery, there are also some elements of treatment that remain the same for each individual. Learning about these elements ahead of time may help you decide whether Silvermist is the right place for you; or, if you’ve already made that decision, give you a better idea of what to expect when you arrive at the Silvermist property.Read on to learn about three things to expect when you begin treatment at Silvermist.Family Contact
Although Silvermist recognizes the importance of strong family connections and family involvement in the recovery process, we also believe it is vital to build a client’s confidence and independence while they are in treatment. Client contact with family members is limited to one 10-minute phone call per day after the client’s first 72 hours at Silvermist. On-site visits are allowed after two full weeks of treatment. However, a client must receive approval from their primary therapist for such visits. Therapists also review and approve each client’s phone list to ensure they aren’t contacting enablers or people who may disrupt their recovery. In case of an emergency, family members can contact Silvermist at any time at (724) 268-4858.Fully Scheduled Days
Silvermist operates on a very full schedule, partially to help clients keep their minds off of drugs, alcohol, or negative outside thoughts. Having busy days can also provide a distraction from clients who feel homesick or miss their loved ones. Although there is time for recreation and individual relaxation and meditation, most of the day at Silvermist will be spent actively working towards recovery through therapy, education, and skills-building.Group Interaction
Although Silvermist provides an exclusive environment, with only 14 spots available in the residential program, clients will spend most of their day in a group setting, interacting with others in recovery. This allows clients to relate to and learn from each other’s experiences while building a supportive sober community. In addition to group counseling sessions, clients can also participate in sober group activities like bowling or going to the movies. However, clients are also afforded personal time throughout the day and will have time alone to relax or reflect.

For a closer look at what life at Silvermist is like day-to-day, check out our daily treatment schedules.

If you have questions about treatment at Silvermist, or would like to talk to one of our representatives about you or a loved one starting your sober journey at Silvermist, call (724) 268-4858.