Finding motivation for recovery isn’t easy. Each person will need a bank of stored and accessible inspirations for the tough journey of recovery, and filling your life with sources of encouragement can prove to be a benefit to your recovery.
In this guide we’ll explore the importance of recovery inspiration, how to find social models for recovery and where to access recovery support.

The importance of recovery inspiration

In your treatment and recovery from substance use addiction you’ll quickly learn that there are two types of motivation: internal and external. Internal motivation is the intrinsic drive we have to achieve our goals. This motivation may spur us to begin treatment in the first place and is often fueled by the disparity between a life burdened by an addiction and the life we envision and desire for ourselves.
While internal motivation is important, there will surely be days when it feels like it’s not enough. The physical cravings may seem to trump our desire for financial security or the sensation of loneliness breaks our will to continue. In these moments, it’s important to pursue external motivation.
External motivation comes through our loved ones and community, and through other sources like books or quotes. It’s important to have a combination of internal and external motivators and to cultivate these prior to struggles so they’re easy to access in the heat of the moment.

Situations that benefit from recovery inspiration

All throughout the recovery process, there will be challenges to face. Here are a few times when recovery inspiration may be especially applicable.
  • During withdrawal and detox
  • Attending your first day of treatment
  • Commuting to an inpatient or outpatient recovery center
  • When physical cravings strike
  • When a feeling of hopelessness strikes
  • After an argument with a family member or loved one
  • Following a setback or relapse
  • When emotional triggers start building up
  • In the midst of daily life when a trigger comes up
In moments of frustration, despair, anger, loneliness or fear, you can always turn to a source of inspiration to feel renewed and empowered.

Ways to cultivate recovery inspiration

Each person will be attracted to unique forms of motivation. One individual may be fueled by recovery inspiration quotes and another will find solace in reviewing personal goals. If you’re not sure which method of encouragement clicks with you, try to cultivate recovery inspiration with the following methods. Try each for a week and reflect on which tactic is most empowering.

Finding social models for recovery

Social media can help connect us to like-minded people. In recovery, you may find that following a social model for recovery can inspire you to change and build the life you’re longing for. There are numerous celebrities and social media influences from every walk of life that have overcome an addiction and share openly about their journeys.
These social models can offer advice, share personal stories, and promote programs that helped them get clean for good.


Journaling and reading past journal entries can help you see the progress you’ve made right before your eyes. Recovery journaling is a common practice and may even be recommended as part of your formal treatment. The goal of a recovery journal is to track milestones, examine personal triggers and process the roots of an addiction.

Recovery inspiration quotes

Sometimes the best motivators are short anecdotes or quotes that we can reflect on and apply to our lived reality. You can write down quotes or save them in your phone. Consider setting one as your background on your phone, or writing it on a sticky note near your toothbrush.
These quote may seem trite at first, but they are useful for coping in moments when you don’t have much time, and they can contribute to positive self-talk.

Using social media

Social media can be used to your advantage when in recovery. Cultivating a feed that offers messages of hope and healing will take time, but it’s well worth it. You’ll want to eliminate old peers from your feed and follow new, sober or actively recovering friends.
It’s also important to remove ads for alcohol or other triggering ads from your feed. You can adjust your settings so you don’t get specific ads and ensure that you don’t have any searches for drugs or alcohol in your phone so your ads aren’t customized to promote such things. 
Moreover, you can spread inspiration on your own, too. In addition to following positive accounts, share things that contribute to your recovery. Aim to avoid lamenting about the difficulty of recovery or negative feelings. Post quotes on social media that are uplifting and encourage others, too.

Reaching out to others

We can acquire many sources of inspiration on our own, but we can also enlist our community to provide inspiration when we’re in need. Your loved ones will be happy to give you a pep talk, offer advice, share affirmations or provide a listening ear as you talk through your distress.

Recovery support

Successful long-term recovery requires a bank of methods to renew your hope. You’ll find that both your intrinsic and external motivation can help you manage cravings and handle triggers with a positive outlook, making recovery that much easier.
Silvermist Recovery can help you find the motivation you need, both by searching inside yourself and by building a community of support. Tools like individual counseling, group sessions and personal reflection can help you find healing. Reach out to Silvermist Recovery today.