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As an adult in your 20’s or 30’s, it seems like alcohol and bars are part of everyday life — a happy hour here, a cocktail party there, dozens of holidays that center around day-long bar crawls. While these are fine to enjoy when one drinks responsibly, attending these events can seem nearly impossible when you’re in recovery from alcohol addiction.

However, when you’re well enough into your recovery to resist temptation, there are plenty of ways to tolerate — and even enjoy — being the only sober person at an event.

Tips for staying sober

When you’re working on maintaining sobriety, it’s easiest to do so when there’s nothing around that can tempt you to break sobriety. However, due to the world we live in, completely avoiding being around alcohol is a near-impossible task. The good news is, by having a game plan, you can safely attend events and trust yourself to avoid temptation even when it’s staring you in the face.

Be honest about your sobriety

There may be people who question why you’re not drinking. Both for your own self-awareness and to practice good honesty, inform those asking that you practice sobriety. You’ve made big strides in your recovery, so there is no shame in being open. And who knows – maybe your witness could provide inspiration and hope to those around you who may also be struggling.

Bring a drink with you

Especially if you’re attending a more rowdy type of event, there may be people who badger you about not having a drink; they may potentially even try to offer one, not to be rude, but to make you feel included. Even though they may mean well, to avoid feeling pressured, simply bring a bottle of sparkling water or your favorite juice blend with you. Having your own beverage to sip on will keep you occupied and lessen your temptation to sip on alcohol.

Bring a friend with you

A friend could be a sibling, a trusted companion or even someone from your support group — anyone who can provide you support and be an accountability partner is a good option for a wingman. Not only will you feel the support of them being there, if both of you aren’t drinking, it can put your mind at ease knowing you’re not the only one turning down drinks.

Attend events for a reason

If you’re only attending an event because someone guilted you into it or you feel obligated to attend, you may run the risk of turning to alcohol to make the time go by faster or make the event more tolerable.

Only attend events you want to attend. When you have a reason to go and are excited to do so, you won’t feel the need to drink to get through the night.

Have an escape plan, just in case

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and events turn out to be completely different than anticipated. If you need to leave, do it, no shame.

During this time, your top priority is your recovery and maintaining your sobriety. If you have agreed to attend a concert, a birthday party or even a Sunday brunch, and you feel yourself mentally starting to slip, don’t be afraid to leave a little early. Have someone come and pick you up, or simply see yourself out without making a scene. Do what you need to do to protect your sobriety.

Know that you can say “No,” if needed

If you are invited to a certain event that you just know in your gut will be a bad idea to attend, you can politely decline. There are some places you can go and sip on a non-alcoholic beverage and chat with friends and be completely peaceful; and there are other events where people all around you are engaging in behaviors you’re trying to avoid. There’s no shame in saying no to an event that you know will not only be a bad idea for yourself, but just won’t be enjoyable.

Remind yourself why you’re sober

If you find yourself tempted to have a drink or are feeling uneasy about being the only sober one at an event, remind yourself why you got sober in the first place. Focusing on your reasons for recovery and all the strides you’ve made to get where you are today can help you avoid alcohol and enjoy every event you attend.

Looking for additional support in sobriety?

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