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If you have made the choice to pursue addiction or mental health treatment, we wouldn’t be surprised if you felt incredibly overwhelmed in your search for different treatment options. Even though the list of options is beneficial in helping address the various mental health disorders one may face, it can make the initial research process feel a little daunting.

Well, we’re here to help. We’ve broken down the differing levels of care and have chosen to focus this article on a deeper look into inpatient treatment. By understanding what inpatient treatment is, who is best served by inpatient treatment and the various benefits it offers, you can better identify whether this level of care is right for you.

What is inpatient treatment?

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment, is one of the more intensive forms of treatment. Whether you’re seeking recovery from a substance use disorder or a mental health diagnosis, inpatient treatment is available.

During inpatient treatment, you live at the treatment facility itself. It is the next step in care following any drug detox that may have occurred. Residents of an inpatient treatment facility spend anywhere from one to three months living in the facility, meeting with their therapist and participating in the routines of the home. With around-the-clock care, those in inpatient treatment can receive the care they need to help sustain recovery long-term.

Who is it for?

Inpatient treatment is an option for anyone needing more involved treatment or supervision than an outpatient facility could provide. At an outpatient facility, you live at your own home and attend treatment during the day, commuting back and forth and going about the routines of life (work, school) when not actively attending treatment meetings.

Inpatient treatment is for anyone who needs more supervision, more intensive medical intervention or residential space that outpatient treatment can’t provide. Maybe your home is a triggering environment for you and a cause of the mental health complications you are battling — inpatient treatment can provide you a safe place in which to pursue recovery and live in order to sustain recovery long term.

What are the benefits of inpatient treatment?

Inpatient treatment has numerous benefits, especially for those looking to fully enter into a treatment home for a better chance at recovery.

Additional benefits of inpatient treatment include:

  • A community of like-minded people – You will live with other residents in treatment who are pursuing the same goals as you; this environment will give you motivation, encouragement and a sense of community and camaraderie as you persevere through the challenges of recovery
  • A higher success rate – When you are a resident of an inpatient facility, you simply don’t have the chance to go back to people or places who encouraged drug use or caused stress in your life. Being so removed, with a routine focused solely on your recovery, eliminates any potential relapse triggers during the challenging first few weeks of recovery
  • Help when you need it – In inpatient treatment, the facility is designed to meet the needs of residents when they need it most; you will have access to both medical and mental health professionals throughout the day and night who can help address concerns when they arise
  • A balanced schedule – For many people, the strict schedule of a treatment center is most refreshing after the potentially listless lifestyle of the past; with routine wake-up and light’s out times, scheduled meetings throughout the day and numerous mental health therapy sessions, you’ll feel both rested and accomplished after your time in treatment
  • A safe home – One’s home life, job or school may be one of the triggers responsible for a struggling mental state or substance use disorder; being removed from that environment during the entirety of treatment will not only eliminate external triggers but will allow you to focus solely on you and your recovery goals

When you enroll in inpatient treatment, you will quickly discover how the environment is tailored to help you be as successful as possible in recovery.

Looking for inpatient treatment?

Whether you’re looking for treatment for a substance use disorder or seeking recovery from a mental health condition, help is available. At Silvermist Recovery, we utilize both talk and holistic therapies to help our clients reach and maintain sobriety and mental wellness.

To learn more about our inpatient treatment facilities, contact us online or by calling 724-268-4858 to get in touch with an advisor today.