Choosing to accept treatment is one of the hardest steps in the recovery process. You may know you need help to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, but you may not know exactly where to start or how to get the treatment that is right for you. Read on for five questions to ask now that you’ve decided to accept help.

What type of treatment will I receive?

Will you participate in group therapy or one-on-one counseling sessions? Is participation in a 12-step program such as NA or AA encouraged? Are holistic therapies available? Knowing what to expect from the treatment process can alleviate some of the anxiety associated with beginning a stay at a residential facility and give you a better idea of whether or not the facility is the right fit for you. There are a wide variety of treatment modalities that are used in addiction treatment; a counselor should be able to answer any questions about the methods that they use to help you on your path to recovery. Click here to read more about the treatment modalities used at Silvermist.

Does my insurance cover the cost of treatment?

Many people who choose to pursue treatment for their addiction may feel concerned about the associated costs. Although treatment can be expensive, there is no more important investment than your long-term happiness and health. Before beginning the admissions process at Silvermist, our admissions experts can work with you to verify your insurance benefits. In fact, they are often able to complete this verification within the same business day. Call (724) 268-4858 to verify your insurance benefits, or click here for more information.

How can my family be involved?

Often addiction can damage the relationships that are most important to us, but having a strong, sober support system can be crucial in ensuring your long-term sobriety. That said, many residential programs feature a family element that allows the person in treatment and their family members to reestablish healthy and productive relationships. These programs may include family counseling sessions or education about the nature of addiction. At Silvermist, we recognize the unparalleled importance of family involvement. Click here to learn more about how family members can participate in their loved one’s treatment and recovery.

Is this the appropriate level of care for me?

Before choosing a treatment facility, talk with a professional to determine the level of care that you need. Inpatient treatment requires a high level of commitment, including leaving behind friends and family members, but also provides the opportunity to self-reflect, receive help, and learn how to cope positively with outside stressors that may have caused you to turn to drugs or alcohol before. You may have also heard about outpatient treatment, which allows clients to continue with their daily lives while accepting treatment. To learn more about the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment, click here. Read more about inpatient treatment at Silvermist here, and call (724) 268-4858 to set up a free, confidential assessment and verify that residential care is the best fit for you.

How do I get started?

Now that you’ve decided to pursue residential treatment with Silvermist, it’s time to start the admissions process. The first step is speaking with one of our intake specialists, available at (724) 268-4858. They will ask some simple questions, work with you to verify your admissions benefits, and help you begin the treatment process. At Silvermist, we can provide the personalized, confidential care you need to truly find recovery. For more details about beginning the admissions process, click here.