As part of our commitment to holistic therapies, Silvermist now offers an on-site BioLounge. The BioLounge provides BioSound Healing Therapy, an option for clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, shame, or other negative feelings.Through a combination of music therapy, sound frequency massage, guided imagery, and positive affirmation, BioLounge users can achieve a theta meditative state and begin to overcome the struggles that may contribute to their negative thought or behavior patterns. Biofeedback also allows the BioLounge user to analyze how their body physically reacts to changes in their environment or emotions, and provides valuable insight into how to react in a healthy and positive way to life’s stresses.Biofeedback beds like the BioLounge are becoming more popular in addiction treatment and often serve as a complement to more traditional therapeutic modalities.

Silvermist does not require clients to use the BioLounge. However, it is available on site to those who are interested in experiencing its benefits, such as:
• Improved heart rhythms
• Reduced stress and anxiety
• Increased regulation of emotions and reactions
• Improved breathing patterns
• Improved personal relationships
• Overall improved quality of life and health

Our admissions specialists are available to handle inquiries and begin the treatment process at (724) 268-4858. If you prefer to have a member of the Silvermist team contact you, please fill out our online contact form.